Pritty Branding and Wallpaper Design by owner Darrell Fraser for Thamani Beauty Bar

Thamani Beauty Bar Collaboration

We have collaborated with Thamani Beauty Bar situated in The Gove Mall Pretoria East. This round we were asked to head the branding of the newly formed business as well as the rest of the creative project, which included wallpaper designs.


Thank you Gugu …

So as you know, we put a lot of time and effort in designing patterns for your products and fabric.

This project was such an amazing add on to our services we offer, as we digitally designed every wallpaper in the shop.

For any enquiries to collaborate, please contact us via email to


Photography: myself

Design: myself



1 thought on “Thamani Beauty Bar Collaboration

    Thank you Darrell for the amazing work done by yourself and your company WOW Creative Design Studio, you are amazing!

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