Pritty Chameleon Wall clock

Pritty on Redbubble

We have made some of our designs available on Redbubble. They are based in Australia but ship worldwide. According to us the best Print on Demand platform for artists.


Should you be interested in a custom collaboration, we would be more than happy to create amazing artwork to compliment your brand and products. 

Custom surface pattern development

If one of our existing patterns isn’t just right, we can create a custom print or collection for you. How it works: You describe your needs and provide a couple inspiration images. If it’s our my style, we’ll make a set of pattern options. Typically we mock them up on your product so we can see what they’d look like in reality. You pick your favorite(s). We’ll make a few refinements if needed. Depending on the licensing and pricing model we’ve agreed to, payment will either be a flat fee, royalty model, or advance against future royalties.

The perfect pattern can make your product or environment shine.