I am the eldest, she is the youngest, and together with her daughter … we create magic!

We are Darrell, Yolanda (they call her Atta) and Lume, and lockdown brought us together in unity and creativity and Pritty was born. It hasn’t been easy being financially challenged after loosing some of our other businesses, but somehow we managed to get Pritty off the ground.  

“An idea is like a virus. Resilient.”– Leonardo DiCaprio, Inception

And that said, we had an idea, and the virus brought us together.


While we may not fully understand the nature of creativity and the creative process, research shoes that being more creative and fuelling your imagination can make you healthier and happier!


We have started our range of notebooks with our scenic watercolour range and prices start at R180.00


Email us for any enquiries to info@pritty.co.za