Pritty Original Art Photographer Darrell Fraser



Our professional photographer and owner of Pritty. uses her Canon 5D MKIV Camera with the 24-70 f2.8 lens to photographer all our hand painted art. We want our art to be in the highest resolution possible and this camera produces exactly that. 

I travel regularly and never without my camera. I find inspiration from my surroundings which could be my own garden, our estate’s lovely gardens or while travelling. So our initial process is photographing natural elements that we will use as reference for our watercolour art. 

Below is an example of our chameleon taken in our garden:

Pritty Original Art Photographer Darrell Fraser
Pritty Watrcolour Art Chameleon Gift Box

This is Darrell’s workflow:

I normally find a location with even, indirect lighting. For example, next to a large window or sliding door when the sun is NOT shining directly into the room. I like to place my art flat on the ground or tabletop and shoot the photo from above. I often use a bounce flash against a white ceiling.

Tip: Use a piece of white paper or a white poster board to bounce light back onto your art for more even lighting if you are using natural light. 

With our artwork on the ground next to the window, I place a white surface parallel to the glass of the window.

Once I have photographed all our artwork, the import process starts on my iMac. All my photos are taken in RAW so that I have more control over the editing.

Each file undergoes color correction, cropping and any editing necessary. I then take each element and create a PNG file with a transparent background.

Our lead artist is Yolanda and she painted the chameleon. The digitizing process and pattern designs were all done by Darrell. Below is a behind the scenes photo of how we take our photos – this is Lume our Brand Ambassador and photographer in making 🙂

... and here is our Before and After photo

What are the benefits of digitizing our artwork?

  • Allows us to create multiple product types with one piece of artwork – If you don’t digitize your artwork, it will be gone forever once you sell it. Digitizing allows you to retain the design, and use it on any product you like. In terms of efficiency, being able to reproduce your paintings time and time again gets you the biggest bang for your buck.

  • Allows us to touch up mistakes and make color corrections in Photoshop – This step isn’t always necessary, but while you’re digitizing your art, you can touch up any mistakes and make color corrections if desired. For example, you can brighten, add contrast, increase vibrancy, or simply clean up extra paint splatters or smooth harsh lines!

Here are some of our products and seamless patterns designed with our popular chameleon … hope you enjoy!