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How We Digitise Our Watercolour Art for Wedding Stationery

Digitizing artwork, or in other words, transferring an original piece of art from physical paper to your computer screen, is a seriously helpful skill that I use often in my business. This is the exact method I use to create wedding invitations with custom artwork and/or calligraphy.


Here’s how it works: I create custom artwork for each new project based on the client’s particular wedding or design style. Then I digitize that artwork in Photoshop, and use it as part of their design. The invitations are then printed off at whatever quantity they might need. Custom made artwork, that I only have to physically create ONE time. That’s the beauty of digitization. (Think about how LONG it would take to physically paint custom art on hundreds of individual invitations……it just wouldn’t be feasible.)

If you are curious of my entire invitation design process, please send us an email!

As creatives, time is our most precious and limited resource. We only have so much time available to create the things we want to create, but that doesn’t mean we are limited in the ways our art can serve and support us. Digitizing allows us to streamline and scale our work – creating it once, and repurposing it over and over again. Saving us time, and growing our revenue potential.

Our professional photographer and owner of Pritty. uses her Canon 5D MKIV Camera with the 24-70 f2.8 lens to photographer all our hand painted art. We want our art to be in the highest resolution possible and this camera produces exactly that. 

If you are a bride and getting married soon, give us your entire wedding stationery project, you will not regret it!

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