Pritty Hand Painted Watercolour Art Chameleon

Prepping our watercolour artwork to sell

We have a process for digitizing our hand painted watercolour artwork. (Note: If you’re a digital artist, some of this won’t be applicable to you, as it only applies to physical pieces that still need to be digitized.)

General Prep Work

Our sister and professional photographer Darrell Fraser takes high resolution photos with her amazing Canon 5D MKIV Camera and her Canon 100mm f2.8 macro lens. We sometimes use a method of taking x4 closeup parts of the artwork and them combining it digitally.


We upload the photos to our iMac and then clean up the artwork and edit in Photoshop. This includes:

Erasing any pencil marks or mistakes.

Removing the paper background.

This gives us the option to upload transparent PNGs, which are necessary for apparel and phone cases, where the background needs to be absent.

Adding in a new paper texture on a separate layer. It’s cleaner and that way, the background paper is uniform across all of my paintings. We use “multiply” in transparency settings to ensure that the paper texture is visible through the artwork, which helps it feel cohesive.

Bumping up saturation and adjusting levels and sometimes we make our paintings even more saturated with deeper tones than the original piece was.

Next, we experiment with color and create several different color palette options. You’ve already done the hard work, so why not fully capitalize on your efforts with a variety of color options? We usually have between 3–10 color palette options for each piece of artwork.

Adjust artwork for various templates.

Key dimensions:

Square (tote bags, throw pillows, clocks, tapestries, bedding, shower curtains)

Vertical (phone cases, towels, stationery cards)

Horizontal (laptop + ipad cases, studio pouches, rugs, mugs)

We then utilize some mockups to display our final products. There are some amazing mockup artists out there and even though it is quite pricy, we find it more cost effective and quicker than to style our own products and scenes and taking photographs. If time allows, we do our own styled photoshoots with our products, as this is part of our passion, stunning photography!!